PS IMAGO PRO and SPSS Statistics V26

Written by Ester Mittermeier

On the 9th of April this year, IBM announced the new version of SPSS Statsitics. The new version promises much desired new statistical tests, enhancements to existing statistics and scripting procedures, and new production facility capabilities to the Classic user interface, which all originated from customer feedback.

so when is the new version going to be included in the ps imago pro solution?

" Predictive Solutions prepares its own products according to the rhythm of IBM SPSS products releases but with some shift in time. 

  Predictive Solutions has found over the years, that initial new releases of SPSS can sometimes be quite buggy and/or unstable.  In      other words, we will await the first fixpack from IBM for SPSS v26 which is expected to come out in the third quarter of this year.

  This means the most likely release of PSIP 6.0 (with SPSS v26 inside) will be in September."

Martin Young, VP International, Predictive Solutions Sp. z o.o.


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