New types of charts in PS IMAGO PRO 5

Written by Ester Mittermeier

PS IMAGO PRO provides analysts with a central platform for information processing for his/her institution. This is a perfect tool for data analysis, unhampered report design and publication.

The new release of PS IMAGO PRO 5 also offers great new charts and dashboard-type charts:

With the Sankey diagram, you can:

  • visualise relationships between individual categories of variables, balance, and value flow
  • colour inter-category flows using an additional quantitative variable
  • add labels to individual flows describing individual categories, sizes, and sum

With the Word cloud:

  • you can represent the popularity of a category using words or bubbles of different sizes and colours
  • the bubbles can present additional information, for example, about the percentage of occurrence of the category
  • you can colour objects using a quantitative variable. Individual objects are created based on the mean, sum, or mode

Cascade chart allows to:

  • create a bar chart used to understand the contribution of each element to the overall result
  • present an increase or decrease in value of a given variable, drawing a column from a point corresponding to the end of the previous category
  • create dynamically and present intermediate sums

Violin plot allows to:

  • visualize the structure of quantitative variables and probability density
  • show structure of quantitative variable as part of the qualitative variable category, as well as display additional statistics, such as the median and the interquartile range

Treemap allows to:

  • prepare a mosaic plot where the surface of each segment is proportional to its percentage in the overall number or based on selected group statistics
  • present hierarchical data using nested visualizations
  • select different coloring modes for groups or subgroups, and the category indicated as an additional target variable


Hierarchy chart allows to:

  • present hierarchical data in different aggregation levels – up to 5 levels using the dialog box and up to 10 levels using the syntax language commands
  • present the data in the Cartesian coordinate system or using the polar coordinate system
  • optional: indication of the summarized value and the target variable
  • select the coloring mode from the base to the level as well as color summarizing of the target variable category, if selected


Row chart allows to:

  • present change over time, e.g. volume of sales, in the form of a linear chart or a layer chart
  • access a broad range of summarized statistics and to divide a row into categories in accordance with a selected variable, according to two optional modes
  • present the data on an event chart by adding an optional variable

“Shield” type dashboard allows to: 

  • compare an indicator in groups selected through qualitative variable categories, presenting the result in the form of a dartboard (a dashboard with polar coordinates)
  • control the line of plan implementation and change the minimum and maximum on the scale
  • manage the number of thresholds (from 2 to 5) and their labels

“Arrows and lights” dashboard allows to: 

  • present an indicator in separate groups indicated through qualitative variable categories in the form of a dashboard with arrows or traffic lights
  • dynamically set the OK and NOK thresholds without the necessity to use an additional variable, and using those thresholds to color the charts
  • set the minimum and maximum on the scale
  • manage the text style: font type, size, and color

Contact us to find out more about these and all other great features of PS IMAGO PRO!

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