Benutzen Sie immer noch eine veraltete SPSS Version? Dann verkaufen Sie sie doch an uns!
Graphing and Data Analysis in 2nd grade - daunting right? But I found out that kids "get it" pretty easily and even draw graphs ... so if they get it, so should we right?

What does GDPR mean for companies outside the European Union?​ Learn how you can survive the EU-GDPR jungle.
Why use a data analysis package like SPSS when you could use Excel? I've come across many different opinions and these are the reasons I found most interesting

I recently joined the SurveyTester team in our company...so naturally, I decided to test it to see if it is really as easy to use and as effective as everyone praises (as I am a total newbie to this)...
I am always one for self-teaching to improve my business skills, so I began to explore statistical courses on Udemy, and here is what I found out!

PS Imago Pro is an excellent analysis suite that is based on IBM SPSS Statistics and offers the user even more possibilities.
Many owners of smaller companies think that data analysis is just for larger businesses, but that could not be further from the truth.

SPSS hasn't exactly been known for generating superior charts, PS IMAGO PRO, ​however, allows you to create great graphs.
In April 2019 IBM released the new version 26, but when will it be included in PS IMAGO PRO?

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