English · 25.11.2019
Still using an outdated SPSS version? Then sell it to us!
English · 22.11.2019
Are you a Data Analyst/Scientist? We would love to know: What’s your best data joke? After all, “Statistics may be dull, but it has its moments.”

English · 02.09.2019
Graphing and Data Analysis in 2nd grade - daunting right? But I found out that kids "get it" pretty easily and even draw graphs ... so if they get it, so should we right?
English · 24.07.2019
What does GDPR mean for companies outside the European Union?​ Learn how you can survive the EU-GDPR jungle.

English · 11.06.2019
Why use a data analysis package like SPSS when you could use Excel? I've come across many different opinions and these are the reasons I found most interesting
English · 04.06.2019
I recently joined the SurveyTester team in our company...so naturally, I decided to test it to see if it is really as easy to use and as effective as everyone praises (as I am a total newbie to this)...

English · 29.05.2019
I am always one for self-teaching to improve my business skills, so I began to explore statistical courses on Udemy, and here is what I found out!
English · 17.05.2019
PS Imago Pro is an excellent analysis suite that is based on IBM SPSS Statistics and offers the user even more possibilities.

English · 13.05.2019
Many owners of smaller companies think that data analysis is just for larger businesses, but that could not be further from the truth.
English · 10.05.2019
SPSS hasn't exactly been known for generating superior charts, PS IMAGO PRO, ​however, allows you to create great graphs.

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