English · 29.04.2020
In these turbulent times, data analysis is certainly not the most important item on the agenda for most organizations, unless it is used to combat the virus. Paying salaries and keeping the company financially stable are top priorities. But what analyses are needed to combat the virus and how are they prepared or presented?
English · 22.04.2020
Here's take 2 of "There's a funny side too Data Science, with many thanks to Tim Elliot for his awesome cartoons.

English · 16.04.2020
The dashboard is a type of panel board, a control panel, or instrument board.
English · 16.04.2020
Before starting a more complex data analysis, it is worth taking a closer look at variable distributions which are of interest to us.

English · 14.04.2020
When analysing data on migration, transport, international trade, or traffic on a website, you are often faced with the problem of visualising the flow between the analysed units.
English · 14.04.2020
The dartboard visualization is another useful medium for presenting the results of analyses on a dashboard.

English · 09.04.2020
A waterfall graph, otherwise known as a cascade chart, may mean very little to those of us from outside the financial services industry.
English · 09.04.2020
Frequency, group structure, or percentage share analysis is one of the first tasks of an analyst.

English · 25.11.2019
Still using an outdated SPSS version? Then sell it to us!
English · 22.11.2019
Are you a Data Analyst/Scientist? We would love to know: What’s your best data joke? After all, “Statistics may be dull, but it has its moments.”

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