IBM SPSS Statistics 26


IBM SPSS Statistics is an application for statistical analysis of data from multiple sources. The modular program supports the entire analysis process - from planning and data acquisition to evaluation, reporting and automation. In addition to the basic module, you can select from 13 individual modules the functions that suit you best. SPSS Statistics is the ideal tool to increase your sales, outperform your competitors and identify what is really important for your customers' and employees' satisfaction. 

The Statistics Base module is the component that is always needed. Matching modules can be added immediately or later to meet your requirements.

In addition to the well-known IBM SPSS Statistics program as a standalone variant, we also offer a more cost-effective variant with the PS IMAGO PRO software. This includes IBM SPSS Statistics as you know it, but also offers additional functions for data analysis and presentation - all at a much lower price.



Predictive Solutions - PS IMAGO PRO


  • Already includes IBM SPSS Statistics license
  • Price savings of approx. 35 % compared to IBM SPSS Statistics Standalone standard prices
  • Great time savings in creating strategic and operational reports, plans, budgets, projects and tasks
  • Greater availability of reports in an organization with a customer-friendly licensing model
  • includes a set of additional analysis and reporting techniques that build on the functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics and its components to streamline and accelerate the analyst's work

Please note:

  • You will receive a new download with the installation program. An already installed standalone version of IBM SPSS Statistics can be run in parallel.
  • To install PS IMAGO PRO, you need the appropriate rights on your PC (administrative rights and company IT guidelines must be taken into account).
  • PS IMAGO PRO runs exclusively under Windows. Mac users need the IBM SPSS Statistics licenses listed below.

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Difference between Authorized User and Concurrent User

An Authorized User License (also known as named or personal user license) is valid for a specific person only. If you are the only one working with the software, this is the right license for you. You can transfer the license to other users permanently, but you should not share it with your colleagues frequently.

If you work in a team with different users, you can also consider to license a Concurrent User. Any number of users can work with this license, but only one user per license at the same time. This is useful if you only need to work with the software at some days. Some software like SPSS Statistics includes a license manager which needs to be installed to control the usage of the licenses.


Difference between Fixed Term Licenses and Regular (Purchase) Licenses

If you need desktop software like SPSS just for a limited period of time (e.g. a project) or want to optimize finance and tax for your organization, a fixed term license (or rental license) is best for you. You pay a small amount for the usage within a specific period of time (one year). If you do not renew after this period, you cannot use the software anymore (the license mechanism will take care about this). 

If you plan to use the software for longer then 2 or 3 years, a regular (purchase) license would optimize total cost of ownership. Once you bought that type of license, you can use it as long as you want. The first 12 months of support & maintenance are included with the initial purchase.

After the first 12 month you can decide if you want continue with support & maintenance for a fee of about 25% of list price. If you do not chose to extend, you still can use the software. However, we do not deliver any free support anymore and you will not get new updates also. If you want to get a new version of the Software after some years, you need to license a new version.

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