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PS IMAGO PRO is an analytical engine based on IBM SPSS Statistics that provides data access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set (PS IMAGO Pack) of procedures used to prepare and analyse data and visualise results.

PS IMAGO PRO also supports users in the preparation and management of automation jobs. PS IMAGO PRO allows you to prepare attractive-looking, professional analytics reports and charts, beyond what’s possible with standard SPSS functionality, and easily share them with business users, quickly and with minimal effort.


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PS CLEMENTINE PRO is a comprehensive solution for performing predictive analysis and delivering results within your company's business processes. It offers a variety of analysis algorithms provided by the world-renowned IBM SPSS Modeler analysis engine.

It provides centralised management of analytical processes thanks to a built-in analytical repository. This streamlines the organisation, storage and retrieval of analytical content such as: task models, procedures, data and results. Automation functionality enables stable and trouble-free implementation of individual tasks and groups of tasks as defined by individual users.

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