Predictive Solutions PS Imago PRO

Analytical software for professionals

PS IMAGO PRO is a comprehensive solution consisting of the following components:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics – analytical engine enabling the execution of a wide range of analyses
  • PS IMAGO Pack and PS IMAGO Pack PRO – set of analytical and reporting procedures building on the functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics and its components to streamline and accelerate the work of the analyst.
  • PS IMAGO Designer – application for the design and preparation of analytical reports for immediate sharing with business users
  • PS IMAGO Portal – web environment for sharing analytical reports with business users
  • PS IMAGO Process – application allowing the user to automatically create and update analytical reports.

PS IMAGO PRO provides data access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set (PS IMAGO Pack) of procedures used to prepare and analyse data and visualise results. PS IMAGO PRO also supports users in the preparation and management of automation jobs. PS IMAGO PRO allows you to prepare attractive-looking, professional analytics reports and charts, beyond what’s possible with standard SPSS functionality, and easily share them with business users, quickly and with minimal effort.

PS IMAGO PRO can be complemented with any known SPSS modules to the basic module.

PS IMAGO PRO an also be purchased at preferential conditions as an academic license for teaching and non-commercial research. You have questions regarding PS IMAGO Academics? Contact us!


Please note: the software is available under the operating system Windows. If you have an enquiry or need licenses for MAC, or you are not able to install software on your device to to company security guidelines, please contact us for possible alternatives.

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Basic Modul


IBM SPSS Statistics Base, the base for the SPSS product family, is a statistical analysis software that provides you with the basic features for the entire analysis process.

It is user-friendly and includes a wide range of procedures to help you increase your turnover, leave competitors behind, perform research and make better decisions. 


includes SPSS Statistics Base

783,90 €

PS IMAGO PRO can be complemented with the following modules .
The modules can only be licensed in addition to the Basic Module.


Click here for an overview of all the SPSS modules.

Additional Modules

IBM SPSS Custom Tables makes it easy to summarize IBM SPSS Statistics data in different styles for different audiences. It combines analytical capabilities to help you learn from your data with features that allow you to build tables people can easily read and interpret.

This software is useful for anyone who creates and updates reports on a regular basis, especially those who work in survey or market research, the social sciences, database or direct marketing and institutional research. 


includes SPSS Statistics Custom Tables

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics provides univariate and multivariate modeling techniques to help users reach the most accurate conclusions when working with data describing complex relationships.

These sophisticated analytical techniques are frequently applied to gain deeper insights from data used in disciplines such as medical research, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and market research.


includes SPSS Statistics Advanced Statistics

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Bootstrapping is an efficient way to ensure that analytical models are reliable and will produce accurate results.

It can be used to test the stability of analytical models and procedures found throughout the IBM SPSS Statistics product family, including descriptive, means, crosstabs, correlations, regression and many others. 


includes SPSS Bootstrapping

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Categories makes it easy to visualize and explore relationships in your data and predict outcomes based on your findings. Using advanced techniques, such as predictive analysis, statistical learning, perceptual mapping and preference scaling, you can understand which characteristics consumers relate most closely to your product or brand, and learn how they perceive your products in relation to others.


includes SPSS Categories

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Complex Samples helps market researchers, public opinion researchers and social scientists make more statistically valid inferences by incorporating sample design into their survey analysis.

IBM SPSS Complex Samples provide the specialized planning tools and statistics you need when working with complex sample designs, such as stratified, clustered or multistage sampling.


includes SPSS Complex Samples

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Conjoint helps market researchers increase their understanding of consumer preferences so they can more effectively design, price and market successful products.

It enables them to model the consumer decision-making process so they can design products with the features and attributes most important to their target market.


includes SPSS Conjoint

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Data Preparation performs advanced techniques that streamline the data preparation stage of the analytical process to deliver faster, more accurate data analysis results. Analysts can choose from a completely automated data preparation procedure for the fastest results, or select from several other methods to help prepare more challenging data sets.

With this software, you can easily identify suspicious or invalid cases, variables and data values. You can also view patterns of missing data, summarize variable distributions and more accurately work with algorithms designed for nominal attributes.


includes SPSS Data Preparation

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Decision Trees helps you better identify groups, discover relationships between them and predict future events. This module features highly visual classification and decision trees that enable you to present categorical results in an intuitive manner, so you can more clearly explain categorical analysis to non-technical audiences.

It includes four tree-growing algorithms, giving you the ability to try different types and find the one that best fits your data.


includes SPSS Decision Trees

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing helps you understand your customers in greater depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.

Conduct sophisticated analyses of your customers or contacts easily – and with a high level of confidence in your results. Choose from recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) analysis, cluster analysis, prospect profiling, postal code analysis, propensity scoring and control package testing.


includes SPSS Direct Marketing

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Exact Tests enables you to use small samples and still feel confident about the results.

If you have a small number of case variables with a high percentage of responses in one category, or have to subset your data into fine breakdowns, traditional tests could be incorrect. IBM SPSS Exact Tests eliminates this risk. 


includes SPSS Exact Tests

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Forecasting enables analysts to predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily—without being an expert statistician.

People new to forecasting can create sophisticated forecasts that take into account multiple variables, and experienced forecasters can use IBM SPSS Forecasting to validate their models. You get the information you need faster because the software helps you every step of the way. 


includes SPSS Forecasting

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Missing Values software is used by survey researchers, social scientists, data miners, market researchers and others to validate data.

The software allows you to examine data to uncover missing data patterns, then estimate summary statistics and impute missing values using statistical algorithms. With IBM SPSS Missing Values software, you can impute your missing data, draw more valid conclusions and remove hidden bias.


includes SPSS Missing Values

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Neural Networks software offers nonlinear data modeling procedures that enable you to discover more complex relationships in your data.

The software lets you set the conditions under which the network learns. You can control the training stopping rules and network architecture, or let the procedure automatically choose the architecture for you.


includes SPSS Neural Networks

436,80 €

IBM SPSS Regression software enables you to predict categorical outcomes and apply a range of nonlinear regression procedures.

You can apply the procedures to business and analysis projects where ordinary regression techniques are limiting or inappropriate—such as studying consumer buying habits, responses to treatments or analyzing credit risk. With IBM SPSS Regression software, you can expand the capabilities of IBM SPSS Statistics Base for the data analysis stage in the analytical process.


includes SPSS Regression

436,80 €


IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Edition includes the following modules:


  • SPSS Statistics Base
  • SPSS Advanced Statistics
  • SPSS Custom Tables
  • SPSS Regression 


1.737,45 €

IBM SPSS Statistics Professional Edition includes the following modules:

  • SPSS Statistics Base
  • SPSS Advanced Statistics
  • SPSS Custom Tables
  • SPSS Regression
  • SPSS Data Preperation
  • SPSS Missing Values
  • SPSS Categories
  • SPSS Decision Trees
  • SPSS Forecasting  


3.487,25 €

IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Edition includes the following modules:

  • SPSS Statistics Base
  • SPSS Advanced Statistics
  • SPSS Custom Tables
  • SPSS Regression
  • SPSS Data Preperation
  • SPSS Missing Values
  • SPSS Categories
  • SPSS Decision Trees
  • SPSS Forecasting
  • SPSS Bootstrapping
  • SPSS Conjoint
  • SPSS Decision Trees
  • SPSS Exact Tests
  • SPSS Neural Networks
  • SPSS Direct Marketing
  • SPSS Complex Samples
  • SPSS Visualization Designer
  • SPSS Amos
  • SPSS Sample Power 


5.200,00 €

Difference between Authorized User and Concurrent User

An Authorized User License (also known as named or personal user license) is valid for a specific person only. If you are the only one working with the software, this is the right license for you. You can transfer the license to other users permanently, but you should not share it with your colleagues frequently.

If you work in a team with different users, you can also consider to license a Concurrent User. Any number of users can work with this license, but only one user per license at the same time. This is useful if you only need to work with the software at some days. Some software like SPSS Statistics includes a license manager which needs to be installed to control the usage of the licenses.


Difference between Fixed Term Licenses and Regular (Purchase) Licenses

If you need desktop software like SPSS just for a limited period of time (e.g. a project) or want to optimize finance and tax for your organization, a fixed term license (or rental license) is best for you. You pay a small amount for the usage within a specific period of time (one year). If you do not renew after this period, you cannot use the software anymore (the license mechanism will take care about this). 

If you plan to use the software for longer then 2 or 3 years, a regular (purchase) license would optimize total cost of ownership. Once you bought that type of license, you can use it as long as you want. The first 12 months of support & maintenance are included with the initial purchase.

After the first 12 month you can decide if you want continue with support & maintenance for a fee of about 25% of list price. If you do not chose to extend, you still can use the software. However, we do not deliver any free support anymore and you will not get new updates also. If you want to get a new version of the Software after some years, you need to license a new version.