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Due to ever-increasing budget and time pressure, the testing of surveys unfortunately all too often does not succeed to the necessary extent. Studies show that panel participants tend not to participate in poorly conducted surveys or leave the panel early.

  • How do you test your surveys before they go live? 
  • How do you ensure that all errors have been found, documented and corrected?
  • How can you detect logic/routing errors quickly and automatically?  
  • How do you check your survey on mobile devices such as iPhones?

SurveyTester is a web-based system designed specifically for testing online surveys. Based on our many years of experience in the field of surveys, we have developed this unique system. The following three main areas are optimized with SurveyTester. 

Automatic testing
SurveyTester can automatically test your survey. You select the number of test runs and SurveyTester does the extensive testing for you. All questions with random answers are used. SurveyTester can even continue to work fully automatically with context-related input checks. The SurveyDigger technology used also allows error messages from the survey system to be interpreted. Even questions such as Sum 100 are answered correctly.
Screenshots with mobile devices
Be honest: With how many browsers and platforms did you test your latest surveys? Was a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) used at all?
SurveyTester automatically takes screenshots in the background of all survey pages with different devices. Real iOS and Android devices are used in our datacenter. Later you can view the screenshots on your screen and decide if the display is good enough.
By using SurveyTester you end the times when testers had to send emails with screenshots to the project management. SurveyTester finally enables a structured approach and all problems found are managed centrally. This also avoids duplicate work, as testers can already see for themselves whether someone else has already reported a problem.
As soon as the problem has been solved by the creator of the survey, the tester automatically receives a notification. 

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