Unicom Data Collection

The world's largest market research institutes use Unicom software to professionally create surveys and collect and process data via the web, telephone, paper/scanner or personally. Due to its open architecture, this platform is ideally suited for medical studies, personnel surveys or any other specialist area.


Unicom Data Collection stands out from the hundreds of survey tools available on the market, particularly through the following 3 points:

True Multi Channel Software
In addition to web surveys, paper surveys with/without scanner, personal surveys (CAPI) and telephone surveys (CATI) with or without dialer support can also be carried out. Parallel operation of different modes is also possible and respondents can, for example, start with CATI and then continue with Web themselves.
On-Premise Installation or Cloud Use
With the introduction of the GDPR at the latest, it has become important to operate a survey system on your own servers or to have a company from the EU operate it in the cloud. Both options are possible here because Unicom Data Collection is available as a software purchase as part of PS Quaestio PRO or as a cloud solution with 2x4 as the provider.
Almost unlimited possibilities
As an open system, Unicom Data Collection offers a wide range of options for mapping all conceivable question forms in any complexity. The software does not force the user into a tight corset of possibilities, but can cover almost all requirements.

In addition to the modules for data collection (Web, CATI, CAPI, Paper/Scan), reporting programs are also included in the portfolio. All parts of the system can be operated in different complexity with visual desktop applications or with scripting methods for advanced users. 

The History of Unicom Data Collection

The first version of Unicom Data Collection was developed from scratch in 1998 by SPSS as Dimensions. Since then, the system has undergone continuous further development and has established itself as the standard at almost all major market research institutes worldwide. In 2009 SPSS was taken over by IBM and Dimensions was given a new face: the entire user interface is kept in a blue tone and was thus adapted to the IBM world. IBM's focus on business analytics led to the sale of Dimensions to Unicom, where it will be further developed as Unicom Intelligence Data Collection. Although the name of the system has changed several times, the same basic principles still apply. Dimensions is one of the best survey products on the market. 


Benefit from our exclusive know-how in the Dimensions area. Bernhard Witt, the founder of 2x4, was part of the team, itroducing the software to international markets during his 10 years with SPSS as Solutions Expert. His extensive knowledge in this area makes him a sought-after consultant worldwide for planning, implementing and operating the system.

In addition to the many ways to create simple or complex projects, Dimensions is actually one of the few survey systems that can be purchased and used as a license. We always recommend to conclude a Support & Maintenance contract, but of course the software can also be used without such a contract for an unlimited period of time.


You receive all Unicom products from us as purchase / rental as part of PS Quaestio PRO on premise, for the installation on your own hardware, or in the 2x4 Cloud with server location in Germany. You will receive support and clarification of your questions directly from our team at 2x4. If you need a special bundle, we will be happy to create a customized offer for you, which includes the best price for you.

If you do not want to create surveys yourself or if you do not have the know how, we also take over this task for you. We create your survey and take over the hosting and, if necessary, the reporting according to your specifications.

Contact us with details about your project.

Desktop Licenses

The creation of surveys and parts of the reporting is carried out with user-friendly desktop programs. You don't need a permanent internet connection and can work with your local installation anywhere. Your data does not need to be uploaded to a server and you always have control over the access to your information. Desktop licenses can be made available via a remote desktop as a cloud solution.

UNICOM Intelligence Author

With the author, even newcomers can create their first results in a short period of time. For everyone who is used to working with an intuitive user interface, who likes to work with drag & drop and who doesn't use keyboard shortcuts that way, the author is the right tool to start creating surveys with Dimensions.

The author can use the projects directly with the 4 survey types Web/CATI/CAPI/Paper. Clever wizards allow you to add special questions with just a few mouse clicks.

UNICOM Intelligence Professional

More advanced users usually switch to the script-based Professional for creating surveys. On the one hand, surveys from already existing (own) surveys can be merged very quickly.  On the other hand, you can use certain features of the Dimensions System only with Professional. We therefore recommend that at least one person in each team should work with Professional. In addition to working on your own projects, you can also use Professional to create wizards, which can then be used by users of Author or Reporter.

NOTE: Professional also includes an Author license.

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter

Is SPSS Statistics too complex for your statistical analysis? And Excel is not powerful enough? Then the Unicom Intelligence Reporter (formerly Survey Reporter) is just right for you. Easily create tables and charts from survey data or other sources. SurveyReporter understands survey data better than any other tool in our portfolio. This allows you to open Quanvert/QVT files in addition to SAV or Excel data.

The usage can be learned very quickly and the intuitive user interface allows you to create complex tabular evaluations and significance tests after just a few hours of training.

Server Licenses

Depending on your requirements, there are different license models that we do not offer directly in the shop. Here a consultation with our experts is necessary. If you already know which modules you need, we will of course prepare a suitable offer for you immediately. Simply contact us via our contact form or by email/telephone.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Web

The product also known as mrInterview Web is the server component for web surveys. The system is operated either in your data center or in the 2x4 cloud. Interviewer Web offers everything a modern scalable survey solution needs: Support of all Internet standards - optimization to mobile devices / mobile phone use - quota management with any complexity, sample management and connection to external web services, even within a survey.

The statement "I can't do it" has to be translated into the statement "I don't know how to do it". Our experts at 2x4 have never experienced a task in their entire career that could not be solved.

In addition to the options already mentioned, a server installation also includes a user-friendly and complete management area that can be used to manage projects, users, groups, companies and apps. Dimension's largest customers have more than 10,000 users from over 100 countries installed in the system. These users are managed in a structured manner using a sophisticated authorization concept.

Interviewer Web is extremely scalable thanks to the available cluster architecture. If required, new interview servers can be easily added to a cluster. The system takes care of the use of the new resources and optimizes traffic accordingly. Since Interviewer Web offers an open documentation of the internal interfaces, the system can be adapted at any time according to your wishes. If required, we are happy to help all existing or new Dimensions users.  Contact us with your questions or if you would like to use the software. 

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Phone (CATI)

Web interviews and phone interviews are basically very similar. As soon as a respondent has agreed to participate in the survey, most parts of the content of the survey are interchangeable. Only the layout is mostly perfected in web surveys, while in CATI surveys it is more important to be easy to use (partly with keyboard). And of course the wording is adapted to the telephone situation.

But the biggest difference is visible in sample management. With a web survey, the system only has to check whether a participant code is correct, whether the participant has already conducted the survey, or whether he or she wants to return to his or her interrupted interview.

With telephone interviews, on the other hand, the situation is somewhat more complex. The important thing here is to connect the right participants to the right call center agent at the right time: Professional respondents are best called in the evening. Shift workers don't like being called at times when they sleep. Italian-speaking respondents are best connected to Italian-speaking agents, and so on. Besides, it is also important to manage all appointments and follow-ups.

The call center management is the second big task to be done in CATI Studio besides the respondent management. It is extremely important for the company to manage the agents' workload and to be able to react immediately to questions or technical problems.

Interviewer Phone is compatible with the most important dialers. We have worked on projects with the following dialers and therefore also know the interaction of these products with Dimensions.

Authenis Achat


Sytel CallGem

If you have any questions about Interviewer CATI and the dialers mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us with your questions.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Offline for Windows (CAPI)

Since the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, there has been a huge improvement in network coverage in the area of mobile Internet use. Unfortunately, in some areas of our lives there is still no reasonable Internet connection. All too often you are either on the wrong network or in a dead spot. Interviewer Offline (CAPI) is used to ensure that meaningful data collection in interviews can also take place in such environments. The entire installation is on a Windows tablet or on a laptop. Projects can either be installed as a file on the tablet, or a server connection enables data synchronization whenever the Internet is available. The system synchronizes itself automatically in the background and the interviewer has nothing to do with the technology. He only sees that new projects exist or existing ones have been closed.

As soon as the Internet is available again, all sample information and quotas on the server and the mobile devices are synchronized. Thus, offline projects can also be carried out sensibly. 

Due to the license structure, Interviewer Offline is not suitable for survey participants who have to install the software on their system themselves. For interviewers who speak personally with the respondents, however, it is the ideal software to conduct interviews without interruptions.

Do you have any idea how to use the CAPI Module Interviewer for yourself offline? Then contact us.

UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper

When web surveys really came into fashion, the paper surveys were predicted to come to a quick end. Far too expensive, not flexible enough and far too cumbersome - that was the prevailing opinion of paper surveys.

After over 20 years of web surveys, however, paper surveys are still up to date and in certain areas are even on the advance.

Interviewer Paper is a Word PlugIn, with which the already created surveys (with Author or with Professional) can be further processed. The templates already included give your paper surveys the right look and feel and adapt the layout to your wishes. You can further process the surveys with Word, print them out and scan them again with the scanner module.

For more information please contact us by phone. Simply contact us and arrange a free telephone appointment.  

UNICOM Intelligence Reporter – Publisher

In reporting, the question quickly arises as to how the results can be distributed to the recipients in such a way that they also have a certain choice of filters. The export as a spreadsheet with up to 2000 pages is no longer a useful option. Reporter Publisher allows you to put reports online that have already been created and to use filters for the viewer according to your specifications. The filters depend on the registered user.

Example: A company with 10 branches makes the report with Reporter Publisher available to the branch managers. Each branch manager can only see the data of his own branch and can also apply filters for the selection by department or customer segment. This creates a desired flexibility with perfect data protection. The data is secure on the server and the department heads have no possibility to download it. Since the software (with the data) is installed in your data center or in the 2x4 Cloud, with server location in Germany, you also have no general data protection problem. Of course, the correct observance of the GDPR also applies here.

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you about the possibilities of using it in your company.

Dimensions Add Ons

Unicom Data Collection is already a very extensive system, but there are also areas that can be improved, or those that do not exist at all. Often there are adjustment requests that are only necessary in a certain country due to legal requirements.

We have therefore developed a number of add-ons with which you can add a certain functionality to Dimensions. You can find an overview and description of the existing Dimensions Add-Ons on the Dimensions Add-Ons page

Survey Projects

For single or a few projects it sometimes makes more sense to outsource the entire project to our experts. We use Dimensions every day, so we can create unique surveys much faster. Contact us with your survey project and we will be happy to give you our professional estimate of the expected effort.