»Most teachers lack real-life experience - they have not practiced what they teach. They have no experience with what they teach; they have never made mistakes, learned from those mistakes, applied what they have learned to further practice, and have not constantly improved.«

Robert T. Kiyosaki - quote from his book »Rich Dad Poor Dad«.

We have made a lot of mistakes in our daily work, and have seen many more mistakes with our customers. That is why we can rightly call ourselves the leading experts in Unicom Data Collection and IBM SPSS Statistics. Our team works daily with the products you can buy from us. In this way, we ensure that we can always offer our customers the best possible help they need.


With the right training you will quickly become an expert. Once we've taken the first steps together, you can easily get the most out of the software every day.

In addition to the standard IBM and Unicom trainings, we also offer tailor-made trainings for your special topics and challenges.

If you as a user only have gaps on certain topics, our coaching is ideally suited to fill these knowledge gaps. Online or on your premises. Please contact us and tell us about your challenges.


We help you to actively implement your visions and master your challenges. Whether you need to quickly conduct a survey, need a specific survey layout, need more functionality in the software, or want to tackle large projects with our help - we are your ideal partner.

On the following page you can see an excerpt of some of the projects we have carried out for customers.


Sometimes even the most experienced professional needs help. And sometimes it also has to happen very quickly. If the server in the call center is idle and 200 employees can no longer work, we are also available at night.


In our support area you will find additional information. Our motto is to "help you help yourself".