getting started

Quick Guide to installing PS Imago PRO

PS IMAGO PRO is an analytical solution for business that consists of applications prepared by Predictive Solutions together with IBM SPSS Statistics and various extensions.

Please follow these steps for the installation:

1. Download the virtual installation DVD from our server and store it on your computer

This package includes all needed components. We suggest storing the ISO file on your local PC.

2. Double click on the file. This mounts the virtual DVD to your Computer and Explorer shows it as a DVD drive. If there is an error shown, please make sure you have stored the file on your local PC and not on a network drive.
3. Run the file psLauncher.exe. This shows you the following screen:


The Installation includes all components, including the IBM SPSS Statistics package.
Open the Installation Instructions for further instructions.

4. Start the installation with a click on all components

5. After the setup is finished, you can use PS Imago and IBM SPSS Statistics.

Note: you can change the language of Statistics by launching  SPSS Statistics from PS Desktop by Data analysis button, go to Edit menu and choose Options. On Language tab change Output and User interface into English (or other language) and accept your decision by OK.