Problem: After installing a Windows 10 Update, it is not possible anymore to open any mdd files with your Unicom programs. This happens to all desktop programs (Unicom, IBM, SPSS) like Survey Reporter, Professional or Author.

The MDSC failed to parse the file. An error occurred when opening the .mdd file. The language 'EN-US' is not available in the current Windows operating system. It is possible that the .mdd file was created in a Windows version that is newer than the curre

Solution: Since April 2018, Microsoft removes some Windows Registry elements which are needed for Unicom Intelligence (IBM / SPSS Dimensions). Use the following text file to add these settings again to the Windows registry. You need to have local admin rights to fulfill this task. It is also possible that you need to repeat that task after running other Windows updates. 

  1. Save the following file "Languages_Windows10_PreApril2018Update.reg.txt" to your desktop.
  2. Remove the ".txt" file extension, so that the file extension shows ".reg".
  3. Double click on the file. You can ignore/accept the warning.
  4. After the file was processed successfully, you will see a confirmation dialog box which you can submit with OK.

You can now open your mdd files as usual. If you have any questions to this or other issues with Unicom Data Collection, please contact us with our Contact Form.

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