Support by 2x4

Our team is at your disposal in case something does not work out the way it should. If, for example, you cannot log in to our SurveyTester server, if your desktop program displays an error message at startup, or if there is any other technical problem, you will receive our support.

If you have licensed the program that causes problems at 2x4, we will help you free of charge within the scope of a maintenance contract. If you have purchased the software elsewhere, or if there is no active maintenance contract, we can still help you. In this case we will charge you the costs of our efforts.

In the case of very acute emergencies, in which you or your team can no longer continue working, we will gladly leave everything else as part of a special emergency agreement. Contact us to find out more.

On this page you will find further links and help for self-help below the support form.


In case of critical emergencies, please describe what the problem is and how we can reach you by phone. Our emergency agreements stipulate that we charge an increased hourly rate of 250 Euro, but at least 500 Euro, when dealing with emergencies. This always applies if we work on your problem within 4 hours - also on weekends and holidays and at any time of the day.

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