»Most teachers lack real-life experience - they have not practiced what they teach. They have no experience with what they teach; they have never made mistakes, learned from those mistakes, applied what they have learned to further practice, and have not constantly improved..«

Robert T. Kiyosaki - quote from his book »Rich Dad Poor Dad«.


Unicom Data Collection

Reports for Surveys: Level I

This introductory course is intended for all Unicom Intelligence Reporter users who have little or no experience with the program. It covers all topics needed to use the program sensibly.

After the course you should be able to process data from various sources, define tables and charts, adjust existing variables and derive new ones, define statistical tests and then save a report and export it to Excel or PowerPoint.


The course takes place in German or English. Course materials are available in English.

Duration: 4 hours

Reports for Surveys: Level I

Beginners course for Unicom Intelligence Reporter.

600,00 €

Reports for Surveys: Level II

For advanced users who value automation in reporting. The course uses Unicom Intelligence Professional. Students should already have attended Reports for Surveys: Level I. Experience in scripting is advantageous but not absolutely necessary. 

After the course you will be able to automate reporting tasks and create dynamic processes. For example, you can create reports for each department during a personnel survey.

The course takes place in German or English. Course materials are available in English.

Course duration: 8 hours

Reports for Surveys: Level II

Advanced user course for the automation of Unicom Intelligence Reports.

900,00 €

Further Unicom courses on request. We master all areas of the portfolio and can also offer training on all topics. Please contact us for further information.

IBM SPSS Statistics


With this seminar we will show you how to operate SPSS Statistics from the ground up. Starting with reading and merging different data sources, creating and calculating new variables, descriptive evaluations up to the use of SPSS syntax, you will find all topics you need for a simple start in this course.


The in-house course takes place in German or English. Course materials are available in German or English.


Course duration: 2 days (2x6 hours)

Einführung in SPSS Statistics

Beginner course for IBM SPSS Statistics. In house training for up to 10 participants. Travel costs will be charged extra.

3.600,00 €

Predictive SOlutions

Introduction to PS Imago Pro

This course is intended as a continuation course to the above mentioned course PS Imago. PS Imago Pro also contains the following modules: PS IMAGO Pack Pro, PS IMAGO Designer and PS IMAGO Portal. Since the software has very strong dashboard and reporting capabilities, the focus of this course is on this topic.

Basic knowledge of SPSS Statistics is not provided here. Please book the course Introduction to SPSS.

Course duration: 2x4 hours

Online Course Introduction to PS Imago PRO

600,00 €

introduction to PS CLEMENTINE PRO

The IBM SPSS Modeler is extended with PS Clementine Pro by the modules PS Desktop, PS CLEMENTINE Manager, PS CLEMENTINE Database, PS CLEMENTINE Dispatcher and PS CLEMENTINE Pack.
In this course, you will learn how to take advantage of these modules and thus, for example, use automation without a server version of Modeler.


Course Requirements: Basic knowledge of IBM SPSS Modeler.

Duration: 2x3 hours

Online Course Introduction to PS Clementine PRO

900,00 €

introduction to PS QUAESTIO PRO

PS Queastio Pro contains beside different Unicom products also the modules PS Desktop, PS QUAESTIO Pack, and PS QUAESTIO Pack PRO. This makes it much easier for beginners to get started successfully with Unicom Intelligence.

In this course we will show you how to use the new modules in a concrete way and how to reach your goal faster: A really good survey.


Course prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Unicom products used.

Course duration: 2x2 hours

Online Course Introduction to PS Queastio PRO

600,00 €

2x4 SurveyTester

introduction to Surveytester

We have already prepared a complete and above all free training video for you. You can watch it anytime and anywhere as a YouTube video. You'll learn how to create a new project, run tests, edit feedback from testers and adapt SurveyTester to your company. In just 90 minutes you can start using the system and use your first survey.




This video is ideal for teaching external testers or your customers how to use SurveyTester themselves. In just 69 seconds, these people learn everything they need to know to test.

2x4 SmartTRanslate

The SmartTranslate training introduces you to the cloud based software. You will learn how to manage projects and how to most efficiently integrate customers, translators, project managers and survey authors into the process. All areas, from user management to online review, are discussed in detail and worked on with concrete examples.


After the course, you will be able to operate the system independently and know the most important approaches for conducting international survey projects in best time.


Course duration: 2x3 hours

Online Course 2x4 SmartTranslate

900,00 €


You already know the software very well, but still have gaps on certain topics? Then our coaching is ideally suited to expand your knowledge. Online or on your premises. Please contact us to explain your challenges.